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Policy for the personal information protection

SPARX Innovation for Future Co., Ltd. observes the Personal Information Protection Law as well the related laws and regulations. We also enact a compliance guideline for personal information protection. Please refer to the below for more details.

Control and preservation of personal information

  • 1. We obtain personal data in accordance with the laws and regulations, and we try to make sure that the obtained data is the most recent and accurate information.
  • 2. We do not use personal data unless it is necessary. Also, we do not provide or disclose personal data to the third party unless it is requested by the original information provider or required by the law.
  • 3. SPARX Innovation for Future Co., Ltd. educates its employees in order to prevent them from leaking personal data or using it unlawfully. We assign proper employees to monitor and administer our compliance policy.
  • 4. When it is necessary to share personal data with an outside agent, we make sure that the outside agent is handling the personal data appropriately in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.
  • 5. We disclose, correct and stop the use of personal data based upon the request of the original information provider in accordance with the laws and regulations. We may charge a fee for some cases.
  • 6. We accordingly review and continuously improve this policy so that we aim at proper treatment of personal data.

Purpose of use

  • 1. To exercise the right and carry out the obligation based upon the Japan's Companies Act
  • 2. To disclose information to shareholders
  • 3. To collect information that we need for our public relations and IR activities.

Contact information for personal information protection

Contact about Personal Information
SPARX Innovation for Future Co., Ltd. (Office hours: 9:00 to 17:00 JST weekday only)
Shinagawa Season Terrace 6F, 1-2-70 Konan,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075 JAPAN
Tel. +81-3-6711-9230

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